The GPDI is an open community which welcomes input and contributions from all design school teachers, researchers and students. If you would like to benefit from access to Positive Design knowledge and tools or contribute to the dissemination of the Positive Design philosophy, please join us!


For design school teachers/researchers

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Full membership

Why join?
There are many reasons. Perhaps you want your students to have access to all our tools and other material. Or perhaps you advocate Positive Design ideas and want to stay connected. Or maybe you simply want to keep up to date with our activities.

What does it cost?
It costs nothing… your ability and experience are your contribution! Perhaps you also have tools that we can include in the repository. Or you could help out with translating one or more tools for your local region.

How can I join?
Email Pieter Desmet:

For design students and designers

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‘GPDI Friend’ status

Why join?
Twice a year, we send out a newsletter to introduce new tools and knowledge provided on the GPDI platform. As a GPDI Friend, you will receive this newsletter. We also invite GPDI Friends to submit content for the GPDI platform (such as design cases or other forms of knowledge).

What does it cost to join?
It costs nothing.

How can I become a GPDI Friend?
Email Pieter Desmet: